We’re nearly there

We’re finally getting there with my office, when we moved down to Devon I was still working for Yell Ltd and they kindly set me up with equipment in my office, however, as we had the whole house to renovate, it was the last room we would be spending money on, so for 3 years I worked in a freezing cold, damp office that was totally uninspiring.

Nige then took over the office when I left Yell and added his junk personal items to it, this was the last picture taken in it’s sorry state a few months ago.

The walls have been painted in Farrow & Ball, Pavilion Grey, the floor is in limed French Oak, I now just have to add the finishing touches!


3 thoughts on “We’re nearly there

    • I hope so, we’ve been renovating our house for 4 years and this is one of the last rooms to do it’s a good feeling, although when we’re finished I know I’ll be looking for another project!

  1. Gosh 4 years. That must be exhausting. I remember when I lived with my parents and we renovated our kitchen – everything was such a mess, and we basically ate sandwiches or things that could be heated in a microwave for a month.

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