Mulberry Gin

My friend Claire, is very fortunate to have a beautiful garden & stood within it is a large gnarled mulberry tree.

I popped in last week after school drop off for a coffee (as you do) and we then went and foraged for some mulberries that had fallen from the tree, after a very windy storm, this was easier than climbing up the tree! If you’re anything like me who’d never even seen a mulberry, let alone tasted one, I’ve included a pic of some.
Claire had a recipe for Mulberry Gin & has kindly shared it with me, as you can see it’s very straight forward to make and I now have a jar stored away for December

For a 750ml bottle:
450g/1lb mulberries
710 ml vodka or gin
150g/5½oz caster sugar
1 handful of roasted almonds
Put the fruit into a large sterilised jar with the vodka or gin and the sugar. Add the roasted almonds.

Close the jar tightly and put in a dark place for two to three months, turning it as often as you remember – ideally every few days – until the sugar has completely dissolved.

Then strain off the mulberries and almonds. Taste the liqueur and check that it is sweet enough. You can always add more at the tasting stage. When adding more sugar, turn the jar regularly until it dissolves.

Pour the liqueur through a funnel into a dry, warm sterilised bottle and seal. The discarded fruit is absolutely delicious when eaten on top of ice-cream or yogurt, or used as a filling for a tart or a pie, apparently!

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