Mothering Sunday

What could have been a normal Sunday for us with the usual Rugby, Nippers & homework, turned out to be a little bit special.

My boys still played Rugby in the morning of course and in the afternoon we went on our mini road trip to Topsham, a place I’d heard lots of things about but never quite managed to visit.


What’s happening in there? Just as everyone does when they’re in a new place it’s always interesting to have a look inside other houses etc this was a pub that was being having a total refurb, just in case you think I let my boys be this nosy normally!


Lovely cobbled streets.


Glove Manufacturers! You don’t see many of these around, sadly they were closed


Topsham is on the Exe estuary, which has a few sparkles on it today.


The architecture is very interesting in Topsham, we thought how Dutch these houses looked and then came across this one which is called ‘The Dutch House’!


Spring is here!


Thanks to my boys for making this Mothering Sunday so special x


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