Olympic Torch Relay


There was a real feeling of community spirit today, I think everyone felt they were lucky to be part of the once in a lifetime experience, as the Olympic Torch Relay passed through Braunton, North Devon, I’ve never seen so many people at one time in this village, it was such a lovely atmosphere and the sun was shining too!

{Image Lou Shaddick}


The Little Paris Kitchen

We are very fortunate to meet some fascinating people in our Bed & Breakfast,
we met one such person this weekend who was down here for a wedding at the lovely Pickwell Manor.  Whilst chatting we got onto a couple of our favourite subjects, travel and food, the conversation started off, as it often does, with how to cook the perfect poached egg, this then led onto a common passion of food and tv chefs, who we like and why, one which seems to be a current favourite with our guests and us at the moment, is Rachel Khoo of The Little Paris Kitchen. One to definitely try is the Croque Madame Muffins Rachel Khoo style, delicious!

Little Paris Kitchen Cook Book, Rachel KhooUnfortunately we missed most of her series on BBC 2, so thanks to You Tube we have been able to catch up, she creates some amazing food in that little kitchen of hers,  I now have to buy her book as we’re off to France for the summer and we haven’t the wonders of the world wide web there yet!