Silent Sunday


Silent Sunday


Loving Autumn Living

I don’t know what it is about when a season changes, I always think this is my favourite, that is until the next one comes along, however, I really do love autumn as it means that there are certain things I’ll enjoy doing with my family and friends which only feel good during this season.

September still life


As the Bed and Breakfast business slows down, this means we have more time to invite friends round for slow cooked, heart warming food.

Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Slow Cooked Food
{Moroccan Lamb Tagine}

Snuggling under blankets in front of the fire watching films…

Socks, winter fire, autumn fire


Long walks with friends

Autumn walk, Heddons Mouth, North Devon

Driving through autumnal leaves

Autumn leaves, VW Beetle, Orange, Autumnal Colours

{image Toves Sammensurium Blog}

Jumpers, socks & blankets…..

Autumn Knit, Cable Cardigan

woolen socks, toast and jam, thick socks

Leather Chair, Autumn, Woolen Checked Blanket

{Cardigan image}

{Blanket image}

{Thick sock image}


Conkers, Autumn

Apple Pressing

Apples, Apple Pressing

Apple Pressing, October, Autumn, Apples

Celebrating Halloween & pumpkins!

Halloween, Pumpkins, Croyde

Bonfire Night at Pickwell Manor!

Bonfire Night, Georgeham and Croyde Parish, Community, Bonfire Boys, Pickwell Manor, Lanterns

Choosing & tagging our Christmas tree in October!

choosing a christmas tree

Just a few of my favourite Autumn moments and there are plenty more, plenty of hot drinks, mulled cider, the harvest festival, reading even more books, playing games on rainy days, baking many cakes, making soup…..what are yours?

Hot Autumn Drink


Emily Bronte Autumn Quote