Bouteville Blues

We managed to take the boys out of school a couple of weekends ago to have a mini break, before our B&B season kicks off, the OH hadn’t been since Summer ’09 & the boys & myself since Summer ’10, terrible that we hadn’t had a family holiday together for so long!

We only had three nights, but it was worth it, familiar things around us, the village never changes, only the castle opposite our house that’s being slowly renovated, favourite restaurants & places to visit.

We’re hoping it’s not too long before we can go back & to help with our Bouteville Blues, I’ve dug out some pics we’ve taken over the years to take a peek at when we need to.


French House

Just thinking about this place, makes me smile, lovely memories have been made here and may there be many more.

This is our family holiday home which we’ve had for a few years, it’s in the middle of Cognac country, in a beautiful village surrounded by vines

My sister & I managed to cobble everything together on a very limited budget, we’re pleased with the results, in fact we love it!